Next generation iterative sentiment analysis for optimal cryptocurrency trading

Multifaceted cryptocurrency analysis - Posts and messages from regular interactions on social media channels and groups are mined and analysed by thousands of sentiment analysts in an optimised environment. Results are fed into an iterative machine learning model which encapsulates historical data from sentiment analysis, market trends, factors and outcomes.

Sentiment Analysis

Performed by trained analysts

Authentic Data

Data and opinions mined from real unsolicited conversations on social media

Machine Learning

Continually learning and improving from sentiment data, trends, market factors and historical outcomes

Artificial Intelligence

All data is combined and analysed to formulate the most extensive predictions for best trading outcomes

OTL Tokens

What is OTL and why do we need it?

ourTell tokens are ERC-20 compatible tokens that will be distributed on the Ethereum blockchain 7 days after completion of our token sale from our smart contract. These tokens will trade under the symbol "OTL".

We require our own infrastructure tokens in order to enable an internal economy which facilitates effective, transparent and fair participation by all parties involved including, but not limited to, the team, advisors, data analysts, sentiment analysts, token holders and fund investors. Sentiment analysts will receive remuneration in the form of OTL tokens through a Proof of Sentiment mechanism (POS) for the work they have done based on the quality and volume contributed. When we open up our Sentiment Intelligence fund in Q4 2018 Investors will be able to buy into the fund with OTL tokens and receive their share of our fund's profit in OTL tokens.

Don't others do this?

What makes ourTell different?

Simply, our data and predictions are complete.

We collect and analyse data from an extensive number of sources and feed this into our machine learning algorithm allowing for the most accurate and completion predictions possible. The following are some (less than 1% of total factors used for predictions) of the data points we make use of:

  • Market Conditions (Bear/Bull)
  • Historical Conditions
  • Trending ICO types (Blockchain, Payments, AI, etc)
  • Historical ICO type performance
  • Product State
  • Extensive Telegram message sentiment analysis
  • Telegram group growth rate
  • Telegram group growth curve
  • Telegram group growth authenticity (bots/bought accounts)
  • Telegram group growth rate
  • Telegram responsiveness
  • Influencers sentiment
  • Media coverage
  • Competitor performance
  • Token Metrics
  • Sale Structure
Our Secret Sauce

We combine next generation Sentiment Analysis & Machine Learning

Our goal is to provide the most complete and extensive data analysis and prediction in the cryptocurrency market and beyond

We do this by utilising our iteratively improving machine learning model. The model is continually provided with next generation sentiment analysis data which is retrieved from mined opinions on social media and examined by our certified sentiment analysts. This makes way for our Artificial Intelligence to form robust and entirely complete predictions for market outcomes, unlike ever before.

Decentralised sentiment analysis

Certified sentiment analysts from across the globe

Computers get a lot of things right, but there are certain things we think require a helping hand. Real sentiment analysts review and rate messages and posts from social media and feed it to our machine learning algorithms which continually learn from this data and add to it through historical findings.


Telegram messages analysed by humans


Sentiment analysts actively reviewing data


Days of full historical data from the market


More accurate sentiment analysis than alternatives

1 OTL =


Total OTL Supply



Where We're Going

Product Idea Initial idea first conceived
July 2016
Scraping Basic data capture and scraping implemented across exchanges and Telegram
Nov 2016
Sentiment Analysts 50 Analysts added to review data after passing examination to determine qualification
February 2017
Analysts Platform Beta platform for analysts to review data in an optimised and efficient fashion
March 2017
Additional Analysts 200+ analysts on the platform
April 2017
ML/AI Machine Learning implemented with Sentiment Analysis for predictions
May 2017
Fund Strategy Testing Implemented tests to run over the next year and determine best fund strategy and returns
July 2017
Token Sale Public and private token sale
April 2018
Prediction Platform Open the prediction platform to OTL holders
May 2018
Fund Investment Fund investment open to OTL holders
July 2018
Open Fund Investment Allow externals to invest into the Sentiment Intelligence fund
Q4 2018
Meet the brains

The Team

On the Shoulders of Giants

Our Advisors


More about us

Token Sale

How to Buy OTL Tokens

Start: TBA
Hard cap: $28m
ICO Price: $0.047
Token: OTL
Ethereum rate: Pegged 7 days before sale
Lockup: Tokens will be released 10 days after the crowdsale has finished
Project protocol: ERC20

Payment Methods

OTL Token Contract Address

Address will become visible during the crowd sale.

Token and Funding Distribution

Breakdown of how ourTell tokens will be distributed

Tokens have been allocated to favour long term prospects and fairness for all.

  • 80% Crowdsale
  • 15% ourTell Investment Fund
  • 15% Founders and Team (4 year vesting, 1 year cliffs)
  • 2.5% Advisors (2 year vesting, 6 month cliffs)
  • 2% Bounty
  • 0.5% Early Sentiment Analysts
  • 40% Research and Development
  • 15% Sentiment Intelligence Fund
  • 15% Operations and Legal
  • 10% Marketing
  • 10% Acquisition
  • 5% Temporary Analyst Fund
  • 5% Exchange Listings
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